Happy Lucky Place

人々の心に楽しさや幸せをもたらし、私たちにも幸せになるチャンスを与えてくれる場所を創出する事 ... これが私たちの存在価値であり、社名の由来です。





株式会社 Happy Lucky Place

                                 代表取締役 高橋 久仁郎





Happy Lucky Place


Creating the place which provides people with happiness and good luck, also provides us with chances to be happy… This is why we are here for, this is why we named our company “Happy Lucky Place”.


“Happy” means making people smile and relax, making people forget about bustle of ordinary life. 


“Lucky” means letting customers spend gorgeous moment, progress for us through people we meet or through any situations of work. 


“Place” means finding out potential ideas which doesn’t exist in the world yet, creating brand new things. Copying someone doesn’t mean any.


We would like to keep creating new stages to progress, we would like to become society’s beloved company by striving these 3 mottos.




Happy Lucky Place Inc.

CEO  Kunio Takahashi